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Model | Makeup Artist | Photographer | Creative 

An art "pusher" of sorts, I force my viewers to succumb to the beauty within the strange, supplementing you with the sweet and the unusual. 

Grown from the dew and pines of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle has been my home since I've been born. I tend to frequent Portland, Los Angeles, New York, to collaborate with different artists. For being in my early 20's, I have a lot of experience in many different mediums that are applied to my current practices, and will contribute to my future practices. Of course, my desire is to travel and create with amazing people from around the world, if the opportunity is provided to me, or if I create the opportunity myself. There isn't much my imagination will limit me to when it comes to creative projects. 

If you are so kind as to supporting my vision and my work, please feel free to donate below to better contribute to my projects.